Today   13°C
Cloudy with Rain Likely

UVI 1  Rain 32.0 mm 70%
Wind NNE 13 mph
Tonight   11°C
Cloudy with Scattered Light Rain

Humidity 90% Rain 3.1 mm 40%
Wind NNE 16 mph
Tomorrow   19°C
Mostly Cloudy

UVI 6  Rain 0.0 mm 0%
Wind NW mph
Tomorrow Night   11°C
Cloudy with Light Rain Likely

Humidity 73% Rain 6.7 mm 70%
Wind ENE 11 mph
Sunday   21°C
Mostly Cloudy with Light Showers

UVI 3  Rain 0.5 mm 20%
Wind ENE 19 mph
Sunday Night   15°C
Mostly Cloudy with Light Rain

Humidity 76% Rain 2.9 mm 20%
Wind SSW 11 mph
Monday   19°C
Mostly Cloudy with Light Showers

UVI 2  Rain 2.4 mm 20%
Wind SSE mph
Monday Night   14°C
Cloudy with Light Showers

Humidity 81% Rain 3.5 mm 20%
Wind SSE 12 mph
Tuesday   19°C
Mostly Cloudy with Light Showers

UVI 5  Rain 0.9 mm 20%
Wind SE mph
Tuesday Night   5°C
Partly Cloudy with Light Rain Showers

Humidity 79% Rain 1.0 mm 20%
Wind SSE mph
Wednesday   14°C
Cloudy with Light Rain Showers

 Rain 0.4 mm 17% Wind WNW mph
Wednesday Night   9°C
Partly Cloudy

Humidity 87% Rain 0.0 mm 0%
Wind WSW mph
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